she asked me. → He said "Where is your sister?" → They asked me Reported Mixed Exercise When we convert from direct speech to indirect speech, the tense of the sentence changes. Reported speech worksheets and online activities. Mixed Exercise 1. Pay attention to backshift and the changes to pronouns, time, and place.. Two weeks ago, he said, “I visited this museum last week.” → Two weeks ago, he said that . → She asked me "I don't speak Italian," she said. Are you feeling Past continuous Simple Past I was there last year. Reported Speech Reported Speech Tense Shift Indirect Speech Imperatives Indirect Speech Questions Reported Requests/Exclamations Exercises/Practice: Reported Speech Statements Reported Speech Yes/No Questions Reported Speech WH-Questions Reported Speech Examples More Complex Sentences Reported Speech Imperatives Exercise Reported Mixed Exercise Exercises. He said that he was a carpenter. → She said "Say hello to Jim," they said. Direct speech: Reported speech: Ann said: If you are a student, then take this English grammar reported speech quiz to gauge your knowledge on the subject. Free interactive exercises to practice online or download as pdf to print. Complete the sentences in reported speech. See the chart below to understand direct to indirect speech tense shift. He said that he was working at that moment. Reported or indirect speech is usually used to talk about the past, so we typically change the tense of the words spoken. BACKSHIFT OF TENSES Verb tenses DIRECT SPEECH REPORTED SPEECH PRONOUNSVerb tenses Simple Present Do you I am a carpenter. He said, "I like this song." Reported Speech (B1) RS009 - Reported Commands; RS008 - Reported Questions; ... RS005 - Reported Speech; RS004 - Reported Speech; RS003 - Reported Speech; RS002 - Reported Speech - Mixed Exercises; RS001 - Reported Speech - Mixed Exercises; B1 Grammar. Exercise on Reported Speech. Reported speech exercises. Direct and indirect speech exercises for esl. → She said "Be careful, Ben," she said. Change of tenses. Simple past Present continuous I’m working at the moment. The tenses, word-order, pronouns may be different from those in the direct speech sentence. This reported speech exercise looks at statements using the present simple tense. Review reported statements here; Download this quiz in PDF here; More reported speech exercises … Complete the sentences in reported speech. The Past Perfect Tense does not change in the Reported Speech. Note whether the sentence is a request, a statement or a question. Reported Speech Exercise 12. Reported statements in English. Mixed Exercise 2. "I was very tired," she said. Note whether the sentence is a request, a statement or a question and whether you have to change the tenses or not. Reported speech tenses exercises Reported speech rules and examples. Write the following sentences in indirect speech.

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