Miss Saigon review: Vietnam musical is a 'stone cold hit' 4 / 5 stars . He is a greasy wheeler-dealer who puts self-preservation above absolutely all else. He is a stalwart and determined Vietnamese military leader who will stop at nothing to get Kim back for himself. Sooha Kim gives a heartbreaking performance as Kim. who later becomes an activiist. Top notch! A hardened, disillusioned Saigon stripper who was initially voted "Miss Saigon." Kim. (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday), Conejo Players Theatre 351 South Moorpark Road Bring sheet music in your key; an accompanist will be provided. Results may vary. Sign up today to unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Miss Saigon as Bar Girl, Kim (understudy) Avenue Q as Christmas Eve The King and I as Lady Thiang. Character Kim Show Miss Saigon. Thousand Oaks, CA 91361-1008, November 16 - December 15, 2012 Please also wear or bring comfortable dance attire, as all auditioners will be required to learn a short dance / movement combination. Tam (To play age 3, Non-singing) - The 3-year-old Amerasian son of Chris and Kim. In the Dreamland bar, he buys Kim for Chris "as a last souvenir." 17 years of age. Vocal Type: Soprano. The open call auditions for KIM … Gender: female. An international sensation, “Miss Saigon” is an epic, daring pop opera that is universal in its emotional power even as it deals with controversial, contemporary issues. THIS FEATURE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PRO MEMBERS. Accessibility Statement Terms Privacy |StageAgent © 2020. Join the StageAgent community Recording the vocal lines for Miss Saigon! bengy 74 • 7 hours ago. SKU: MN0164053 to read our character analysis for Kim and unlock other amazing theatre resources! A large singing and dancing ensemble will also play the following roles: Vocal range bottom: Bb2 . Age: 30 to 40. At 18, she has poise, power and a superb voice throughout a seriously wide vocal range. Kim is the young orphan forced into prostitution during the height of the Vietnam war. She moves to Saigon and falls in love with Chris, an American marine. Sheet music arranged for Piano/Vocal/Chords in E Major (transposable). Director: Shawn W. Lanz While most of us would be skeptical at the return of a lover from a foreign land, girls like her simply wait despite the uncertainty. Chris' best friend and an American G.I. Three years later, John has become an activist supporting aid to the Bui-Doi (the Amerasian offspring of American soldiers and Vietnamese mothers abandoned at the end of the Vietnam War). Tina has always had a thirst for performance, this was demonstrated when she became one of the grand finalists in the nationally famous Philippino talent show Search for a Star. She would do anything for the good of her son, Tam. View PDF. The principal, Kim, the displaced Vietnamese bar girl is played by Filippina songstress Elena Amano who, like a classic operatic diva, brings forth a striking might and beauty of voice along with a daunting vocal range. Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more. Not only this but she does so with ease. John (To play age 20-30, Pop Tenor - VOCAL RANGE Gsharp2 to Bflat4) - Chris’s close friend and a fellow American marine. Gigi Van Tranh. Music Director: Lisa Yaldezian The musical diva medley was outstanding and received a huge applause! Kim is a Vietnamese girl who falls in love with the American marine Chris Scott during the final days of the Vietnam War. Vocal range top: B4. Vocal range top: Ab4. He was born in 1975 and was raised alone by his mother living in an impoverished area in Saigon. None. Vocal range. who later becomes an activiist. to read our character analysis for Kim and unlock other amazing theatre resources! John Thomas. No hesitation in recommending Maraya Voice Studio. Notes Edit. (818) 321-4848, Christopher Scott (To play age 20-30, Pop Tenor - VOCAL RANGE A2 to B4) - A young, tormented American GI. Vocal range top: Ab4. 17 years of age. Print and download Bui-Doi sheet music from Miss Saigon. As I had written about yesterday, my wife's choirs have moved online for rehearsals. Kim Miss Saigon. Dance. Breakdown; Sample Materials ; Suggested Audition Pieces; Videos; Related Products; Useful Articles; Breakdown. SHARE. See more characters from She is young and naïve, yet strong-willed. A classic love story is brought up-to-date in one of the most stunning theatrical spectacles of all time. In the title role, Eva Noblezada makes an astonishing stage debut. Their struggle to find each other over the ensuing years ends in tragedy for her and a fighting chance for the child he never knew he had. Alice Plant, 14, took over the gruelling role of Kim in the Musical Theatre Production Company's performance of Miss Saigon when lead actor Ruth Berry succumbed to a throat infection. Contents . Noblezada made her Broadway debut as Kim in a revival of Miss Saigon, a ... She has been vocal about her personal struggles with anxiety, depression, bulimia, and body dysmorphic disorder. It's actually its a remarkable story. Richard Maltby, Jr. 17 years old at the beginning of the play, ages to 20 years old. This selection includes the songs The Heat Is On In Saigon, Why God Why?, Too Much For One Heart, … The story is heart-wrenching, but a true love story. KIM: To play 17; VOCAL RANGE – STRONG CHEST VOICE UP TO E, LOW TO G. Vietnamese. In his work, he locates Chris' three-year-old son, Tam, living with Kim in Bangkok. The Engineer (To play age 25-50, High Baritone - VOCAL RANGE A2 to Aflat4) - The half-French, half-Vietnamese owner of the Dreamland club in Saigon. Vulnerable and innocent. Its sung-through pop-inflected score gives a multi-ethnic cast of strong pop singers an opportunity to shine, in showstopping numbers like “I Still Believe,” “Why God Why?” and “The American Dream.” Meanwhile, its fluid cinematic structure is simultaneously thrilling and challenging. Her vocal range is astonishing and her portrayal of a mother prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to make a better life for her son is one that will linger in the memory. Thurs, Fri & Sat at 8:00 PM, Sun at 2:00 PM Gender: male. Synopsis. Kim: To play 17; Vocal range – Strong chest up to E, low to G. Vietnamese. Sheet music arranged for Piano/Vocal/Chords, and Singer Pro in Ab Major (transposable). Assistant Commissar, Captain Schultz, Club Owner, Officer, Soldier 1, Soldier 2, Marine, Marine Captain, Marines, Bar Girls, Embassy Workers, Conference Delegates (Men), Soldiers, Vietnamese Men, Vietnamese Women, Hustlers, Vendors, Tourists. Casting "Miss Saigon" by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil, with lyrics by Boublil and Richard Maltby, Jr. based on Giacomo Puccini's classic opera, "Madame Butterfly." The producer, Cameron McIntosh, the creators/writers, Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil, etc. She moves to Saigon and falls in love with Chris, an American marine. Miss Saigon . Vocal Range: F3 - E6. Tam is the son of Kim and Chris. Age: 25 to 35. Thuy. Chris' best friend and an American G.I. courtney.potter@gmail.com Miss Saigon was conceived and brought to life by the creators of Les Misérables, Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg, with lyrics by Richard Maltby Jr and additional lyrics for the new Broadway production by Michael Mahler. Vocal range bottom: Bb2. Her vocal performance sends shivers down your spine and her delivery of … Tam was conceived during the short time Chris and Kim were together during the final days of the Vietnam War. Final registration cut off is at 3pm. theatre Role Kim Producer Cameron Mackintosh Director Laurence Connor. It has been brought to the stage by Cameron Mackintosh, the producer of Cats, Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera, and many other musicals. Age: 30 to 40. So here’s our list of audition songs for Miss Saigon, by character. Combining innocence with an incredible vocal range she is the human heart of an impressive production that is fundamentally opera for people who don’t like opera. Breakdown. Age: 25 to 35. She is young and naïve, yet strong-willed. Teaches foundational techniques that stand the test of time, and will certainly help our daughter extend both her vocal range and stamina as she matures in the performing arts. John Thomas . Theatre credits. Born in Nagoya, Japan, she moved first to American and later to England to study. She would do anything for the good of her son, Tam. Of course, there is a beautiful Miss Saigon song and the opening number from the hit TV show ‘Smash’ started the evening off well. EVA NOBLEZADA is a revelation in her professional debut as the … She dreams of a better life in America. Gender Female Age Range Late Teen, Young Adult Role Size Lead Dancing Mover Voice Mezzo-Soprano, … Since Miss Saigon is a pre-contemporary musical from the late 1980s, the songs below are all from musicals between 1980-2010. Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Now part of the Broadway cast of Hadestown, Noblezada has kept herself busy with a variety of concerts and side … A stone cold hit." Upgrade to PRO Sign Up for PRO to view suggested audition pieces! Print and download Maybe sheet music from Miss Saigon. Vocal range top: B4. *Our system only provides suggested monologues or songs for select characters if we have matching monologues and song information in our database. Music Community 4 min read 652 words. Casting Equity actor-singers for "Miss Saigon," for possible principal replacements in a SETA tour. Thuy. The news that Kim is still alive and bore Chris' son threatens to change her life forever, but she is determined to do what is best for her husband, his son, and her marriage. Vocal range bottom: Ab2. Phew... a long day of home recording today! Kim (To play age 17-20, Mezzo-Soprano / Belter - VOCAL RANGE E3 to E5) - A 17-year-old Vietnamese girl from the country. 351 South Moorpark Road  •  Thousand Oaks, CA  •  91361-1008, Home for the Holidays - a Conejo Players Youth Theatre Production. DO NOT SING A SONG FROM THE SHOW. Courtney Potter, Producer Gigi Van Tranh. None. Kim (To play age 17-20, Mezzo-Soprano / Belter - VOCAL RANGE E3 to E5) - A 17-year-old Vietnamese girl from the country. Considered a minor character, Tam has no lines in the musical. Raw and uncompromising, "Miss Saigon" is an intensely personal story of the losses we suffer and the sacrifices we make in a world gone mad. The open call auditions for THE ENGINEER are on Friday, May 4, 2018 with registration beginning at 8am and auditions starting at 12 noon. Red Concepcion as The Engineer in the current UK Tour. Gigi (To play age 17-25, Mezzo-Soprano / Belter - VOCAL RANGE Aflat3 to Eflat5) - A Vietnamese bar girl who wins the contest and the title of “Miss Saigon.” While on the surface, she is a hardened stripper, her true dream is to be taken away by an American marine to start a new life in America. Year Title Role Theatre Director(s) Ref. Miss Saigon is an epic, stunning adaptation of Puccini’s opera, Madame Butterfly, by the writers behind Les Miserables.Reframing Puccini’s story by setting it during the Vietnam War, Miss Saigon is a powerful and poignant tale of love in a war-torn country. Korean actress and singer Sooha Kim is so perfectly cast as Kim, she will bring a lump to your throat on sight. Vocal range bottom: Ab2. We only provide suggested audition monologues or songs for an individual character if our system finds content that matches a character's traits. Jazz, pop and R’n’B are her main influences but she enjoys a wide range of music. Key Information. Now Mackintosh has brought back another of his 80s megahits Miss Saigon -- written by the same team behind Les Mis, ... "The revelation is Eva Noblezada in her professional debut as Kim. Prepare 1 minute of a contemporary musical theatre song for the primary audition, and bring a second selection as a backup. Producer: Courtney Potter In the turmoil of the Vietnam War, an American soldier and a Vietnamese girl fall in love, only to be separated during the fall of Saigon. Biography. In addition, there is an epic/dramatic vibe to many of the following in order to match the style of the show. In "Miss Saigon," Alain Boublil and Claude-Michael Schönberg (the creators of Les Misérables), along with Richard Maltby, Jr., bring Puccini's "Madame Butterfly" to the modern world in a moving testament to the human spirit and a scathing indictment of the tragedies of war. Gender: female. VOCAL RANGE FOR ENSEMBLE MEN: A2 to D5 Miss Saigon. VOCAL RANGE FOR ENSEMBLE WOMEN: Aflat3 to C6, Conejo Players Theatre  •  (805) 495-3715  •  info@conejoplayers.org Gender: male. A CD with an accompaniment-only track is also acceptable, provided it is edited and cued correctly. (Can be played by a girl). See more characters from Alain Boublil Claude-Michel Schönberg Richard Maltby, Jr. 4. Claude-Michel Schönberg She fell in love with her john, Chris, and ends up having a child with him while waiting for him to return from the United States. At 18, she has poise, power and a superb voice throughout a seriously wide vocal range. Miss Saigon is a musical by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil, with lyrics by Boublil and Richard Maltby Jr. Choreographers: Arryck Adams and Tami Keaton, 7:30pm September 16, 17 & 18, 2012 Ellen (To play age 20-30, Mezzo-Soprano / Belter - VOCAL RANGE Fsharp3 to G5) - The sensible, stable American woman that Chris fell in love with and married 2 years after returning from Vietnam. Research Playwrights, Librettists, Composers and Lyricists. Thuy (To play age 17-25, Pop Tenor - VOCAL RANGE C3 to Bflat4) - Kim’s cousin, to whom she has been promised since she was 13. Vulnerable and innocent. (No performance Nov 22 - Thanksgiving Day). SKU: MN0108142 Upgrade to PRO A hardened, disillusioned Saigon stripper who was initially voted "Miss Saigon." SPOILER: Click to show {Vocal Summary} One of the most well-regarded new talents in the world of musical theater, Eva Noblezada began her career at the age of 18 performing the demanding lead role of Kim in the West End production of Miss Saigon. Naoko Mori is a Japanese actress. Mimi, Yvette & Yvonne (To play age 17-25, Any vocal range) - Vietnamese strippers / bar girls at the Dreamland club. He is in love with Kim, but after they are torn apart, finds solace in his new love for Ellen back in the US. Biography Edit. Eva’s vocal range is insane and she is able to belt out some gorgeous alto notes with perfect tone and a well-rounded sound. She dreams of a better life in America. Alain Boublil Miss Saigon - Piano And Vocal Selections contains twelve songs from Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg's hit musical, arranged for Piano and Voice. Prince Edward Theatre Reviews. A story of love between a man and woman, love of money, and an enduring love between mother and son. Not all auditioners will need to sing their second selection, but as this is a pop-opera, we need to be sure that we can hear what we need in the vocal audition. After 3 years of trying to get past his Vietnam experience and his shattered love, the news of a son born of Kim shakes his world apart. She carries emotion and character to the fore and the audience swiftly accepts and loves her in the role, just as the director knew they would.

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