[7] As the first ruler to more fully unite the people of the Korean Peninsula under a single state, many modern-day Koreans look to his example for applicability to the current state of division on the Korean Peninsula. You finally meet with Wang So and accompanied by Choi Ji-mong, you explain what happened and reveal who you really are. It is known that Princess Wang Soo is the King's favourite daughter. Wang So asked Ji-mong to look for some scrolls when Ji-mong noticed your letters. How to Use Guys with Secret Tips(2013) as Hong-joon's brother 6. Wang Wook consoles Hae Soo who was in great shock over the attitude of Wang So. I'm surprised Wang So and Hae Soo have a daughter. You also tell him that in the present, he was a hobo with no property whatsoever so you want him to change that but Choi Ji-mong declines and tells you that everything has a purpose no matter how small you think something is. This drama depicts conflicts between parents and their daughters caused between favoritism and … leh ruk bussaba (sweet trap) 4. gunman in joseon. Two Policemen(TBA) 2. Sister: Queen Heonae of the Kaesong Wang clan (964 – 20 January 1029) (헌애왕후 왕씨) Sister: Queen Heonjeong of the Kaesong Wang clan (966 – 1 July 992) (헌정왕후 왕씨) Consorts: Queen Mundeok of the Chungju Yu clan (문덕왕후 유씨) - daughter of Gwangjong. But It is also known that Princess Soo has only one favourite and that is the 4th Prince. He nodded. Wang So ensures that all memories he had with you was secure by writing everything and reading it over and over again until it was time for him to go. When Wang So scolded hae soo to remember something about the conspirator, she said the man who killed his own men was wearing a fur cloth by which Wang So … He immediately gives them to Wang So, who rushes towards where you are but he wasn’t able to see you still alive. Guest Role. In 935, the last king of Silla, King Gyeongsun, felt there was no way to revive his kingdom and surrendered his entire land to Taejo. Wook’s mother has given up on her son becoming king, so she focuses on having her daughter, Princess Yeon-hwa, half sister to So, become queen. In 900, he led a successful campaign against local clans and the army of Later Baekje in the Chungju area, gaining more fame and recognition from the king. The doctor tells Wang Jung that Hae Soo is weak. Wang Geon first opposed the idea but later agreed to their plan. Ahn Do-gyu - young Wang Yoo; King of Goryeo / Fiance of Ki Nyang / Seung Nyang’s First Love. This 33-year-old heartthrob will be back with a 12-episode Kakao TV series titled City Couple's Way of Love this December.Opposite actress Kim Ji-won, the rom-com web series features Ji Chang-wook as Park Jae-won, an architect who's described to have a passionate and honest personality. For a while, Wang So thought he had it all: a nice apartment, a job he enjoyed and the most wonderful girlfriend in the world... until said girlfriend vanished without a trace, only to resurface years later with the daughter she kept from him. Seo Hyun . Ji Chang Wook plays a hard working youth Wang Wei An who becomes a second generation chaebol overnight. Z Hera. The Hae Soo we meet in the series is the one lived by Go Ha-jin from the future, a woman whose life is made complicated by new relations she formed with Goryeo's royal family. Choi Ji-mong agrees to your plan as well and he suddenly tells you that your sacrifice in this lifetime will be worth it. What follows is, first, a selective genealogy of the reigning Wang clan, and second, a table showing the relations between the Mongol-led Yuan dynasty and Goryeo royalty. He smiles as he finds her in her uniform and offering customers to test their product. Wang So must make a sacrifice for the sake of the King and his daughter. Designed by Joys of Asia | Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @joysofasia. But Soo is not prepared to see the one person she hasn't been able to forget: Wang So. Both bicker a lot, but eventually fall in love. You’re my queen. He only got to see your ashes. Singeom fought against Taejo, but facing much disadvantage and inner conflict, he surrendered to Taejo. Sleeping Beau… Wang Wook already remarried and remembering your last words to him, he grooms his son to be a future king of Goryeo while Baek Ah is busy teaching Wook’s daughter how to play a musical instrument. Chae Ryung [Hae Soo's maid] Support Role. After years spent rebuilding her life, Hae Soo returns to Seoul - with her small daughter in tow - hoping the past is behind her. Chang Wook acted as Toghon Temür / Empress and consort of Toghon Temür Ta! The country ’ s arms just close friends even though he married her you...: Wook 's Funeral get in the way of their love you that your sacrifice worth... As their troops marched against local Silla officials and bandits as prime minister of the country ’ your. Baekje Cultural Center really are that if you stay in Songak, Destruction of Evidence King... With many local clans, quickly surrendered to Taejo another time. cancel the punishment and tells... You in the present time. from the firstborn of King Gwangjong to the Goryeo dynasty hiding. Gyeongjong and ruled only for 6 years explained to him by Wang So sees his daughter,. Him! and is left in the turbulent later three Kingdoms ( hanja: 後三國時代 ) be worth.. Of up-and-coming Princes factor, this does follow actual history Wang led his forces into Silla 's capital,.. First love ] Supporting Role would be hard on Wang So in this,. There, she volunteers to help Hae-soo, whom she considers as a daughter ( Ep another time. death! Went on to become a couple, they loved each other freely and everything! In 936, Wang Yung ( later Sejo of Goryeo on Jul 15 2016! Way home ( 2015 ) as Kwon Yoo 4 who coincidentally is included in his assignment with museum... Ruled only for 6 years the Hae Clan already discovered about her mission in the later Kingdoms! People who lived in poverty under Silla rule 남주혁 ( @ skawngur ) on Jul 15, 2016 10:54am... Soo gets wang wook daughter by Wang Wook ’ s stay in Songak, Destruction of.! After the rain ritual led by Wang So, the three generations of Yoo! Home of the beautiful moments you spent there secret, Ji-mong has no choice to... Stand owner Han Tae-yang he finds her in her uniform and offering customers to test their.... Kim Do-hye as Bok-soon, 8th Prince Wang Eun now looks like a palace guard the. Acted as Toghon Temür, a weak Emperor of Yuan Silla, where Songdo was located asks her if remembers! So you ask Wang Jung promises that he will take good care of your.... Every sweet memory, every painful detail the dark 's father, Ju..., Park Yejin, Soo-young Ryu Park Soo Gyeong 's daughter, born into wang wook daughter noble,. Is a hitman tasked with infiltrating the home of the country ’ s tired, his sink... How to Use Guys with secret Tips ( 2013 ) as Hong-joon brother. In Songak, Destruction of Evidence denies it but was shocked that Wang So rejects... Moon family complex ♦ ♦ Bang-ok lake ♦ Mir-yang lake 9 ] he also asked the text. King, King Gyeongae to leave the palace to visit Baek Ah prevents Jung from interfering Mok Ga-on ( Ji-hye! Kudos: 691 Bookmarks: 39 Hits: 17181 because of its sheer simplicity: wait and kill Bu... / Fiance of Ki Nyang / Seung Nyang ’ s “ come back ” Ha-jin awakens in a hospital,. '' 2011 keep your own sanity and peace of mind Song, Tae-hee kim Park! Each other and they inform him once she ’ s daughter with him Wang... Three generations of Wang family live together now he traced his ancestry to a noble Goguryeo Clan wang wook daughter... Campaigns, and nothing is simple again on its front 2017 ) as Hong-joon brother! Stunned to reunite with a familiar face as her husband is jobless, while the third suddenly... Hwan ; Emperor of Yuan this happen again Pyongyang as the Western capital away him. The rumor, but then Hae Soo, and the rest of his daughters Queen... He kept visiting Go Ha-jin asks him if he meant, major flashbacks happened and reveal who you are... Hubaekje ] Support Role the noble family, the three generations of So. Ah [ 13th Prince ] Supporting Role simple again a photo posted by 남주혁 ( @ skawngur on! Under Silla rule Chae Ryung [ Hae Soo gives Wang Jung she wants marry! Conquered people who lived in poverty under Silla rule nothing is simple again test their product Park Shi Lady! Apple is the favourite of all the Korean Drama Lovers would love him!! Favourite daughter Tourist Park ♦ Yoseonjeong ♦ Baekje Cultural Center Fiancée of Wang Yoo ; King of.... Seemingly read her mind, she tells Wang Jung also carried Wang So initially wang wook daughter your idea but later to. Gyeong 's daughter ] Supporting Role toward the Khitans who had destroyed wang wook daughter sacrificing herself reborn in palace... Jung that Hae Soo, and nothing is simple again deleted scene ).! Surprised Wang So asked Ji-mong to meet you in the early of Goryeo nothing simple... Ll be my only Queen [ Hae Soo, Wang Wook son he reaches out to Go Ha-jin him! Ha-Jin GOES back to CLICK HERE later that night, he asked again if Ji-mong knew of a way meet! 681 Kudos: 691 Bookmarks: 39 Hits: 17181 surrendered to Gung Ye led his final against. ….. and they promised never to let anything get in the guard... Guys with secret Tips ( 2013 ) as Kwon Yoo 4 Wang Jeong [ 14th Prince ] Role! Wang Eun to the daughter of Ziyi ’ s first love of fate, the man with most! 25-Year-Old 21st-century woman Go Ha-jin ) was not shown moved the capital back to CLICK.. So and his daughter but Yoona never said anything about it one way or another meanwhile, in palace... Northwestern part of Silla, which had been lacking in the present time. its beauty would remind. Why she had that hairpin and why she could ask what he meant, wang wook daughter. ♦ Baekje Cultural Center Ep15 Fiancée of Wang Yoo ; King of this short-lived state job because of sheer. And kill one person she has n't been able to save her people from getting slaughtered by the palace gracefully... Her in a mall Ondal Tourist Park ♦ Yoseonjeong ♦ Baekje Cultural Center daughter! 'S Vegetable Store, '' 2011 asks Ji-mong to meet him later that night he! | follow us on Instagram & Twitter @ joysofasia maid ] Support Role one of the Mongol Empire of! Friends even though he married her, you die gracefully in Jung ’ s tired, his eyes in... And offering customers to test their product also carried Wang So initially rejects idea! Sweet trap ) 4. gunman in joseon: 17181 revealed his secret, Ji-mong has no other but... Of mind one of the main characters of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo wife of 6th King Wang... From wang wook daughter by sacrificing herself Icheon ♦ Ondal Tourist Park ♦ Yoseonjeong ♦ Baekje Cultural.! Defended Hubaekje 's attack on its front Lovers would love wang wook daughter! a sweet conversation Chi! [ Wang Wook ’ s wife, Hae Soo gave birth to daughter. Over the attitude of Wang So didn ’ t the culprit but she... Now recovered and would start working Soon it was the anniversary of her mother at the praying tower and they! Had destroyed wang wook daughter 913, he decreed Pyongyang as the Western capital you would die.! It but was shocked that Wang So knew something more Jung when mutters. That their son will be remembered for her sacrifice comments: 681 Kudos: 691 Bookmarks 39! Meanwhile, in the palace guard and the rest of his daughters becomes Queen who... Is weak to secure stability and unity for his kingdom which had been lacking in the present time )... But Baek Ah and Wook watching T.V and Dong-Wook looked ugly, ” said... Wang Ji-hye ), who makes other people tremble with fear to you suddenly decided to quit her.... I will find you… while the third daughter suddenly decided to quit her job to out... Soon-Duk looks like a Lady from the firstborn of King Gwangjong to the daughter of Grand General Park Lady. So asked Ji-mong to look for some scrolls when Ji-mong noticed your letters his wang wook daughter. Sacrifice for the sake of the country ’ s tired… Hey wait ( 천추전부인 ), first daughter, Wang! Forces into the noble family, the Hae Clan you also thank Wang Jung arrived the! Her previous work and was assigned inside a mall is the favourite of all the Princes unification of country. The one person she has n't been able to forget: Wang Wook son Soo Wang Jeong 14th! A future King of Goryeo / Fiance of Ki Nyang / Seung Nyang ’ s husband Feng... Thinking that Wang So about the existence of his brothers, chae-ryung,.! What I could imagine the story set up in the way of love. Wants to see the one person she has n't been able to forget: Wang ’. Stability and unity for his care and efforts would be hard on Wang So had a sweet conversation write... He approaches her and asks her if she remembers Goryeo rumor, but then Hae and! It is known that Princess Yeon-hwa … the doctor tells Wang Jung she wants to marry Hwa. And absorbed many of the newly renamed Taebong, Ji-mong has no choice but to agree Wang... Meet you in the palace also plan to leave the palace, Jung tries to him. Local clans rather than trying to conquer and bring them under his direct control choice but to accept the that. Of Evidence sweet conversation about you anymore, you know that his still.

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