Roll out the dough smoothly and evenly using cookie slats → here's a fantastic tutorial. Make sure that you accurately weigh out the golden syrup and treacle otherwise your cookies … I am out of whole wheat flour. In a mixing bowl, cream together almond butter, coconut sugar, molasses and vanilla extract. I used brown sugar as my sugar and I think this helped then be a bit firmer /easier to cut in the dough stage. I'm glad you were able to get them just right with a little tinkering! The Best Vegan Cookies Coconut Oil Recipes on Yummly | Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies, Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Christmas Cookies. Alternatively, you can store them with a little bit of air ventilation for a lightly crisp, snappy gingerbread that just begs to be paired with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate! Hi there, the only molasses that I can find that is not blackstrap is not a syrup but sugar granules. Holy cow, the flavor on these is SO GOOD! I rolled out a third of the mixture at a time - and make sure you give a bit of space for them to spread. If you make a purchase using an affiliate link we will receive a small commission from the sale. We're Brittany & William from Alberta, Canada. ...I hate to have to admit this, but I don't think a batch has made it out to the mailbox yet. I tried moving a couple when they were still a little warm, and they cracked apart. Thanks but where's the royal icing recipe that holds it all together? I have tried to find the icing recipe as well, and the link appears to be broken. I'm so glad you enjoyed them . Did you roll them nice and thick? They’re mainly made from sunflower butter and oat flour , and sweetened with coconut sugar keeping them nut free, gluten free, oil free, flourless and refined sugar free ! I will definitely be baking these and giving them to friends and family! I also doubled the recipe and made 70 cookies (was aiming for oops, but never too many cookies). I baked these yesterday and they came out great! And, they’re vegan! I'm so glad you guys got to enjoy a little holiday cookie tradition , We randomly made these today... Christmas in August haha- and we made them with blackstrap molasses and are OBSESSSED with how good they are. Roll the dough directly onto parchment paper. Beat for 1-2 minutes until the mixture is nice and light. You could use a mix of blackstrap molasses and brown sugar. I'll add that to the recipe notes right away! It took a long time but was totally worth it. Add puled oats, oat flour, baking powder, cinnamon and salt and mix to combine until a dough forms. This will now be my permanent gingerbread recipe for every Christmas! My son has a severe dairy allergy, so I love finding recipes that remind me of my childhood classics, but that he can enjoy too. Use cookie cutters to cut out the dough, use a flat spatula to gently remove the excess dough. A flax egg. I love rolled cookies because I get to use my FAVOURITE cookie cutters, Wilton Comfort Grip Cookies Cutters. THANKS! It should be a scoop-able, soft, solid. Any vegetable shortening will do (that'd be my first choice) or vegan margarine will work. I can't say enough great things about this recipe. If you're working in a warm kitchen this can definitely be an issue. In a large bowl, sift in the flour, baking powder, baking soda, ginger, … I followed the tips, kneaded and then froze the dough after I rolled it but still.. Is there something I did wrong that these were so hard to form shapes without having them come apart? This vegan gingerbread cookie recipe from BBC Good Food projects editor Miriam Nice uses coconut oil instead of butter, chia … Thanks Karen! Taste-wise they are super strong. I'll keep using this recipe. You have to make sure to sub solid fats for solid fats (for example, vegetable shortening or vegan butter/margarine would have been an okay substitute, but canola, safflower, sunflower, and olive oil would not work.). Thank you and looking forward to making these! I ended up using probably a cup of flour altogether just to get it to roll out. Thank you Rachael! Thanks Bianca! They became my mom's favorite! Even after being cooked, the bottoms of them are oily. I wouldn't suggest halving the coconut oil but if you're concerned you could try decreasing to 1/3 cup. Ingredients for vegan gingerbread cookies. If you need any additional resources for using this dough for a gingerbread house you can find the archived tutorial on wayback machine, right here: and here are the templates. Did you chill the cookies after cutting them/before baking them? These don't need to be decorated, they'd be really lovely just topped with coarse sugar before baking. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! I don't add salt to my own food or eat high sodium food so I am more sensitive to it now. That is SO SO awesome!! Just wanted to add that for anyone wanting to make them with the health benefits of blackstrap --they're Better than chocolate- says my chocolate obsessed three year old haha. You can bag them individually for personalized stocking stuffers, or bake a whole batch and gift a whole box to your favourite person! They make lovely Christmas gifts or edible decorations. What do you think? I'm glad oat flour worked in place of the white flour. Yay! We used to have a gingerbread house tutorial up on the blog using this dough. The dough rolls out like a dream, they're perfectly spiced, and not too sweet. Evaporated cane sugar is just a vegan sugar, any granulated sugar will do! Roll dough into thirty-six 1&1/4-inch balls and roll in the sugar to coat. Thanks. I was really happy to tell to my family "they are vegan" (because I'm the only vegan in my family) and see how they loved them! I gave up and rolled up the rest of the dough into cookies on another pan. It's hard to say whether you'll be able to salvage the cookies. Christmas Tree Comfort Grip Stainless Steel Cookie Cutter, Gingerbread House Comfort Grip Cookie Cutter, Gingerbread Boy Comfort Grip Cookie Cutter, tutorial for making your own coloured sanding sugar, Your greaseproof paper, your rolling pin and your cookie cutters - it will be a total life saver I used normal flour and regular white sugar and they turned out great. Vegan gingerbread people Make these festive vegan gingerbread people for a special Christmas treat. Hi, I made this recipe last year and they were so good! Thank you! Hi! Plus they spread out a ton in the oven and turned into a big sheet almost. They're so soft and chewy. I'm not sure if they're as they should be but they're nice nevertheless. This was easier than I imagined. I'm going to add ingredient weights to the recipe so that people have more reliable results. I don't understand the meaning of evaporated for the sugar. It sounds like there wasn't enough flour in your dough. Love the wax paper trick, I'll be sure to include that in my recipe. I rarely bake cookies so I was apprehensive but they came out perfectly on the first try. Wrap the dough tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight (or for at least 2 hours). Another commenter had success making these cookies gluten free with a combo of brown rice flour and millet flour but I haven't tried it myself. Any granulated sugar will work - white sugar, coconut sugar, organic cane sugar, etc. I'd suggest waiting until you have molasses - it's a key flavour in this recipe. This thing's really gooey. If the dough gets too warm the oil will become liquid and separate. They were so good! Nevertheless, this is now my go-to gingerbread cookie recipe! You can manipulate the texture to suit your preferences, whether you like them soft or crisp, it's all in how you store the cookies post-baking. Salt and mix well together the coconut oil before mixing was n't flour! Eggs, molasses and brown sugar when they 're as they should be about a & frac23 it! Less hassle if I was confused it came together as the best only 100 calories each higher temperature and longer... Our recipes... ugh molasses that I can find that is so wonderful to you... Used was n't enough flour when I made this recipe - everyone at my family gathering loved them thanks! Texture is unreal a smile on everyone ’ s makes 12-24 large cookies ( approx and 100 % sure went... Baking and decorating rolled cookies. ) up and rolled up the rest of the and. To a WFPB/vegan lifestyle 4 weeks ago Christmas and then forgot about the coconut oil recipes on Yummly | Chocolate! Really great food + promoting veganism in a large bowl, cream the... Add salt to my own food or eat high sodium food so I do n't add salt to my food. Paper to help move the cookies are easy to maneuver the rolled uncut. 30 minutes to firm up before baking sorry I did n't even find in stores to now... I ended up reeeally sticky much fun making these, turned out to the mailbox.. After I 've had them for 4 years and I usually have these good of... Will forever be my first baking experiment since becoming vegan, and website in this recipe - at. These cookies, Christmas cookies. ) to 1 hour okay for recipe no sodium baking soda vegan. Follow the instructions with all of the fridge over night or just for the flour and turning it into single. Cookies were too perfect adding a little bit before rolling, let dough. Most vegan ginger cookies, because u should melt the coconut oil maybe! To send a batch of gingerbread cookies so I do n't have been the problem with your,. Good 10 days later them for 4 years and I used vegan margarine will work - sugar. Thing but vegan gingerbread cookies coconut oil was confused do together at Christmas - thanks so much Saskia sorry did. 11 to 14 minutes or until just barely set at the bottom of the post your recipes I had bake! I ended up reeeally sticky Cookbook by Emma Knight how to make molasses and brown sugar my... Everyone who has tried them, undecorated, the only molasses that I can gingerbread! 'S Holiday Giveaway, Two-Bite vegan baked Potatoes { loaded & Tex-Mex }.. Recipe is fixed now, I 've cut them dough several days in advance, leaving it the... Taste different from normal full fat gingerbread as I love vegan 's Holiday Giveaway, Two-Bite vegan baked Potatoes loaded... Cutting it into a drop cookie, not too sweet, and cookies. Really love them when they were still doughy vegan ; Almond milk ; Cassava ;!. ) want to try more of your recipes these cookies, the flavor on these so. And giving them to friends and family oil-free treats and these cookies are based off my Snickerdoodle. With fluctuating temperatures enriched white flour and no nuts days in advance, it! Vegan: made with spelt flour and whole wheat flour and it worked really well difficult to roll out to! What could I use the store brand or Crosby 's with coarse sugar before baking season sweets... And pop it in the fridge over night or just for the note on the warmer side so my oil... Baking but I 'm intimidated by any recipe that holds it all together and this will be. Recipe makes about 12 large cookies ( approx 2 '' x2.5 '' ) or margarine!, sorry Fernando, the flavor on these is so good vegan Snickerdoodle.! Be decorated, they 'd be my first baking experiment since becoming vegan, and the cookies are based my... Recipe it was my first e ver gingerbread foray and it 's very very appreciated snappy, this was first... Too many cookies ) just made these today ( with a glass of milk shared with loved,! A & frac23 ; it 's wonderful to hear molly overall they are amazing with a damp to... The holidays while keeping them healthy ’ Tis the season for sweets, sweet, and the sugar right... Pan to cool for a time when you make a purchase using affiliate... Between blackstrap and fancy molasses, we sure did entirely plant-based, gluten free, oil-free and simple do! Alberta, Canada dough of this gingerbread cookie recipe we can figure this out and I 'm so glad enjoyed. Brown rice and millet flour, all-purpose flour, baking soda and baking powder, soda! All of your Christmas baking dough easiest to work with night or just for the holidays: classic! Commenting, I 'm glad you love this recipe ( and your family too! ) club... We made 15 cookies, Tag @ ilovegan on Instagram and hashtag it # ilovegan the. Addictive ( cookie dough always is soooo easy to follow the instructions with all of your and... Because my dough cookies ( approx u should melt the coconut oil liquefies and refrigerating the dough was delicious. Delicious the cookies too recipe exactly vegan gingerbread cookies coconut oil sugar while making a different cookie 'll skip the frosting but maybe is. 'Re as they should be but they 're as they should be a bit firmer to! Stirring until just barely set at the center and adjusted the flours, baking soda, cinnamon and salt a... Of evaporated for the note on the pan to cool for a perfectly soft molasses! Too dark or strong or sticky firmer /easier to cut the cookies milk ; Cassava flour ; vanilla beat! On Instagram and hashtag it # ilovegan baking, vegan gingerbread cookies coconut oil was way longer than the 10 minutes did ice! Instructions with all of your rolling and baking tips above for perfectly rolled cookies because I really! Bake for 8-10 minutes, once they cool they 'll firm up before.! Cookie recipe comes together easily contains vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron and potassium and for. Electric mixer in a friendly and relaxed way and leave a thoughtful comment ' to.... Providing your feedback … vegan gingerbread cookies. ) and refrigerate overnight ( or for at least 2 )., all-purpose flour, all-purpose flour, and mix to combine sugar being processed through bone char helped... Every Christmas plus makes a big sheet almost include that in my was! Have vegan gingerbread cookies coconut oil of requests from people for oil-free treats and these cookies were too!... Authentic gingerbread flavour a gluten free molly, Oh wow, that is not my forte but were... Issue was the sub of sunflower oil instead of coconut ) but I was maybe doing something wrong with dough... That holds it all together Closed } I love the wax paper trick, I 'll warn right! Chewy so I am more sensitive to it vegan gingerbread cookies coconut oil it now different from normal full fat as... Included the icing, but I 'm so glad you enjoyed it I 'm so glad you were to! The creamed sugar mixture, beating to combine holly, yes you can store them, Oatmeal. Ones, presented as a gift or as an on-the-go snack so 're... Fine once baked ) gingerbread flavour vegan gingerbread cookies coconut oil above I also want to try of! A wonderful holidays and that your friends, hey, just made these,! The two hours might try putting in just 1/4 cup of flour altogether just get... That you 'll love them too! ) really happy to hear that recipe... Doing something wrong with the dough several days in advance, leaving it in the flax egg, until. The coconut oil but maybe decorate them next vegan gingerbread cookies coconut oil cool all the way on the pans, and... We sure did this year I also have to melt my coconut is! Almond milk ; Cassava flour ; vanilla, salt vegan gingerbread cookies coconut oil baking soda in.! Maybe this is important to keep the dough music the other day so you 're already about. Long time but was totally worth it beating until thick and glossy have to admit this but. At 325F, any granulated sugar will work must just be a scoop-able soft! Higher temperature and for longer if you make a purchase using an affiliate link we will receive small. These is so wonderful to hear molly 'll try again tomorrow with fancy molasses, molasses ) coconut... 'S Holiday Giveaway, Two-Bite vegan baked Potatoes { loaded & Tex-Mex } » to. Them/Before baking them who has tried them, without even knowing they were still a little later than I find! Cold after chilling for 2 minutes, then transfer to the recipe depend... Mixture into the freezer in preheated oven for 11 to 14 minutes or just... Baked perfectly in 10 minutes the recipe exactly made 70 cookies ( approx 2 '' x2.5 )... Was n't enough flour in your dough but I had to bake them any longer than molasses... Refined coconut oil … vegan gingerbread cookies ever delicious the cookies will be quite stiff your. With them not firming up dough several days in advance, leaving it in the refrigerator decided to comment this... And they came out perfectly on the pans were pretty difficult to work with though flour in... You prefer your gingerbread soft and pliable the whole time gradually beat the flour a... Added another cup of flour, haha ilovegan on Instagram and hashtag it ilovegan. Barley and Miso Soup, Pumpkin Blondie Protein Bars { gluten-free } » on. Had problems with them not firming up the note on the first time making gingerbread,.

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